The dashboard is your hub for the Neurological Foundation portal. It provides immediate access to the most important functionality, status details and current information from Neurological Foundation administrators.


*1 *The top menu appears on every portal page, providing direct access to all your portal pages.

*2 *The left menu repeats the top menu, with the same available options.

*3 *The _Current activity_ section lists details on current funding rounds and applications you're preparing. You can click the applications in the list to view them.

*4 *_Funding opportunities_ in your dashboard's right column lists grant types for which applications are currently being accepted, with a button to create your application form. If there are no grants open at the moment, details are listed of the next grant types to open, along with the opening dates.

*5 *_Recently visited pages_ lists the other portal pages you've recently visited. You can click the links in the list to revisit any of these pages.

*6 * The page footer displays contact information and advice for accessing help.

*7 *If you have a question for the Neurological Foundation you can use the _Get in touch_ on your dashboard page, and on any other page within the portal.

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to the Neurological Foundation.



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