Guides for application types

Every applicant should read the following:

* [#285,Neurological Foundation Guidelines & General Information]

* [#304,Ethical Aspects of Research]

Guides for specific application types are available here:

* [#418,Project Grant] - the main avenue by which the Neurological Foundation sponsors research. Applicants can be scientifically or medically qualified, and the research can be clinical or biomedical.

* [#421,Small Project Grant] - intended to encourage clinicians and scientists to undertake small-scale or pilot studies that may lead to a larger project.

* [#367,Conference or Training Course] - to support international keynote speakers and early career researchers at neurology and neuroscience conferences in New Zealand, or facilitate early career researcher participation in advanced training courses in New Zealand or Australia.

* [#422,Summer Studentship] - to provide personal support for students so they can gain research skills and experience.

* [#533,Dawn Fellowship] - to provide personal support for scientists or clinicians to carry out research into Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, peripheral neuropathy, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

* [#415,Doctoral Scholarship] - to provide personal support for students undertaking a PhD in basic or clinical neuroscience.

* [#416,First Fellowship] - to provide personal support for outstanding early career researchers so that they can complete their first post-doctoral fellowship under the close mentorship of an academic with a continuing position.

* [#420,Senior Research Fellowship] - to provide personal support for outstanding post-doctoral fellows as they establish themselves as independent researchers.

* [#424,Philip Wrightson Fellowship] - to provide personal support for outstanding post-doctoral research fellows undertaking full-time research at institutions outside New Zealand.

* [#31,VJ Chapman Fellowship] - to support medical graduates to pursue a career in academic neurology, neurosurgery, or neuropathology.

* [#417,O'Brien Fellowship] - to support non-medical health professionals to pursue a career in clinical research.

* [#419,Senior Clinical Research Fellowship] - to provide personal support for practising clinicians to carry out clinical research.

* [#423,Travel Grant] - to support recipients of eligible project, scholarship or fellowship funding from the Foundation to attend conferences, meetings, and training. While New Zealand borders are closed due to Covid-19, only online conferences or courses or domestic travel can be applied for.

* [#526,Catwalk Trust Doctoral Scholarship] - postgraduate scholarships to study towards a PhD in spinal cord injury research.

* [#516,Catwalk Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship] - a one or two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship to be undertaken either in New Zealand or in an overseas centre of excellence, aimed at advancing research towards a cure for spinal cord injury.

* [#500,Catwalk Trust Project Grant] - biomedical or clinical research project aimed at advancing research towards a cure for spinal cord injury.


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